“Quality for your Controls – Controls for your Quality”
That’s what DiaMex is about in the world of In Vitro Diagnostics.

DiaMex provides a comprehensive portfolio of Manufacturer-Independent Quality Controls, also called 3rd Party Controls. For over a decade now, we have provided serology controls. Continuously expanding our portfolio, in 2020 we added NAT controls. Among others, we specialize in panels for blood banks, paediatric diseases, and ToRCH. Optimised for leading instruments from leading manufacturers routinely used in blood transfusion centres, monitoring quality for plasma centres, and in central laboratories. We grow our global presence via our active network of international distribution partners. Our major advantage is in our direct access to plasma and sera coming from our sister company Biomex, who owns and operates plasma centres in Germany and Africa. They are our source of our extensive and reliable supply of raw material. This way our controls are as close to patient material as possible, ready to use with high consistency between lots. We complement our steadily growing portfolio of controls by giving our customers access to a sophisticated cloud-based monitoring software EDCNet™, developed by our partners at NRL (National Serology Reference Laboratory, Australia). EDCNet™ provides the most robust QC analysis informatics via its QConnect™ concept by providing statistics and graphical and tabular reports using a global peer-group in real time. QConnect Limits provides the statistical basis for monitoring infectious disease QC, backed by exceptional scientific know-how, service and root-cause analysis for any out-of-range values. Always the best support for our partners and customers.

Regulatory requirements as well as constant improvements determine our efforts.

DiaMex is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

Certificate EN ISO 13485

EC Certificate

EC Design Examination Certificate

Ready-to-use for common systems, e.g.
ABBOTT ARCHITECT®, DiaSorin LIAISON®, Roche Cobas® and others

  • vials developed according to the platform
  • very small dead volume 
  • Multimarker controls
  • barcoded controls
  • easy handling
  • time saving and cost reducing