QConnect and DiaMex

Through a cooperation between DiaMex and NRL Australia (National Serology Reference Laboratory Australia) the world‘s leading experts in tests for infectious diseases, we have developed several new products and greatly expanded our portfolio. These manufacturer independent quality controls from the QConnect series have a focus on Infectious Diseases.
QConnect QC samples have been specifically optimized and validated to match assays commonly used for infectious diseases testing and are easily to distinguish from each other through their colour coding.
With the purchase of a QConnect control, the user has the possibility to use NRL’s web-based QC monitoring software “EDCNet”: http://www.nrlquality.org.au/qconnect

In addition to providing QConnect limits, upper and lower limit for each QC sample/assay combination, “EDCNet” provides the user at-hand with a number of features to improve and maintain the quality of infectious disease diagnostics.

Ready-to-use for common systems,
e.g. ABBOTT ARCHITECT®, DiaSorin LIAISON®, Roche Elecsys® and others

  • vials developed according to the platform
  • very small dead volume 
  • Multimarker controls
  • barcoded controls
  • easy handling
  • time saving and cost reducing